About Me: UFO Dad

About Me: UFO Dad

Thanks for visiting averaguyufo.com, here’s a bit about me………. UFO Dad.  I grew up in a very happy, very average middle class home. My parents are your traditional baby boomers. They had white color jobs, and were typically very traditional in their thinking. The wonders of the universe were not a nightly talking point of our dinner time discussions! As I got older the UFO topic would occasionally show up on prime time tv. Unsolved Mysteries, Thats Incredible, 20/20, and sometimes the Evening News would air stories about UFOs. I was always completely enthralled by these stories and would always ask my parents about them. Those were not questions traditional parents of the 70s were equipped to answer! So my questions would mostly go unanswered.

School Added to the Confusion

In school we learned about space and our solar system. Each planet, we learned, was completely uninhabitable.  At the time (late 70s, early 80s) there were only stars beyond our galactic neighborhood.  No planets, let alone habitable planets. The overwhelming message was THERE IS NO LIFE BEYOND EARTH! That stood in stark contrast to the UFO stories on TV. That just didn’t sound right to me. The universe is endless and we’re sure that there’s no other life? Impossible! I would scour encyclopedias and books looking to find any information on UFOs. Any trip to the library or a book store would represent a new opportunity to find more information.

Then One Day….

One day in high school I was waiting for my math tutor in the library. I again found myself browsing the shelves looking for UFO books. I came across a series of books devoted to the paranormal. If my memory is correct it was a Time Life Book series. One of the books was devoted totally to UFOs. Wow, JACKPOT! As I feverishly thumbed through the pages, I was stopped in my tracks by a very realistic full page picture of a gray alien. When my eyes focused on it I felt like a lightning bolt went through my body. A flood of emotions bubbled up inside me. At first it was like ahaaa! They are real! Then a feeling of familiarity hit me followed by intense fear! I eventually felt like closing the book and running away as fast as I could! As with any typical teenager, I wasn’t about to explore why I felt that way. It didn’t dawn on me that my reaction was abnormal and should really be investigated. What it did do is feed my curiosity even more, so any chance I got I would wander into the library to look at those books.

UFOs Close to Home

Around that same time a minor UFO flap hit our area. There were periodically slight earthquakes accompanied by UFO sightings. The story quickly dissipated but again my curiosity grew. As years went by my life was filled with other endeavors which put my UFO fascination on hold. That changed one night when I had an experience that I couldn’t explain. I was sleeping and I was awakened by an intense buzzing sound. I tried to get up but I couldn’t move at all, my body was totally paralyzed. The next thing I know I was laying in a room with an intense light directly above my face. I couldn’t see anything except a black object at the center of the light. From the time the buzzing started I felt fear like I’ve never experienced before. I also felt that there were “people” all around me. I tried to look but the light was too intense, I tried again and a voice came into my head that simply said “don’t look”. So I closed my eyes. I awakened at some point and felt as though I had anesthesia, or the deepest sleep I could ever imagine. I was covered in sweat and overwhelmed with fear. I immediately turned on the lights in my room, nothing abnormal at all. I went and peaked into my parents room and they’re sound asleep. Even the family dog looked at me and just went back to sleep. The next day I told my mother about the “dream “ and she told me about some intense dreams she’d had, but they were nothing like this! For a while these dreams would repeat frequently, with some variations but the “process” was always very similar. Sometimes there wouldn’t be a light, sometimes there wouldn’t be a voice, but the buzzing, intense fear and feeling the presence of “others “ was always the same. As I learned more about the UFO phenomenon I eventually learned about supposed abductions. Could this be what is happening to me? For quite some time I thought “no way, those people are weirdos”.  Recently I’ve found myself really contemplating those “dreams”. I continue to have them to this day, although infrequently and they’re different. Instead of being a willing, albeit scared participant, I will continue to struggle to move and mentally scream to whoever may be listening! I don’t know exactly who I’m yelling at or if anyone is listening. What I do know is that it’s an intense visceral reaction, it’s instinctive not thought through, it’s as if my life is on the line. I’ll wake up and expect to see my wife scared and wanting answers for what’s going on………………….but she’s peacefully sleeping, completely unaware of the battle I was just in. I’ve studied sleep paralysis and at this point, I cannot dismiss it as a possibility. I have never seen an alien, I have seen odd lights in the sky but nothing that screams UFO. Am I an abductee? I don’t know for sure. Based on the experiences as opposed to sleep paralysis, I’d say it’s a 50/50 probability.  When I think about my fascination with the topic, incredible desire to devour all information I can, and recently a strong drive to educate people on the topic I lean more towards probably. It is, and will continue to be a huge question in my life unless something happens that removes all doubt either way.

What I Believe

Everyday I continue my quest to learn everything I can about the UFO topic. What I do know, and believe with every fiber of my being is:  1. Intelligently controlled extraterrestrial craft are visiting earth. 2. This is the biggest story in the history of mankind. 3. The UFO phenomenon is waaaaay bigger than just flying saucers. 4. Governments around the world have gone to extreme measures to hide the evidence. 5 We are experiencing a drip feeding of disclosure. Not since the 1950s has this topic been hotter and never has there been more credible evidence readily available. Yet millions are quick to dismiss it as the ramblings of tin foil hat wearing weirdos. I am an average married middle class father of two incredible kids, with an average home and an above average job. I am as vanilla and normal (by appearances anyway) as anyone. If you met me you would never imagine I’m religiously passionate about UFOS. As I grow older I find myself getting very impatient and frustrated that the extraterrestrial presence on earth isn’t common knowledge. It could be if people took the time to educate themselves, but the reality is that people are busy with life. Few take time to ponder the great questions of our existence. For those that do my hope is that they’ll find this site credible and educational. My commitment is to share knowledge, share opinions, and always let the reader know if what I’m posting is fact, fake, or theory.  Here is our mission (link)https://averageguyufo.com/2018/09/26/our-mission/  Consider me your UFO concierge. As always your feedback is not only welcome, it’s critical! Thanks for reading……UFO Dad

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