Why You Should Care About the UFO Phenomenon- A Practical Guide
This phenomenon has impacted previous generations and will change the way future generations live

Why You Should Care About the UFO Phenomenon- A Practical Guide

The pace of life in this day and age is daunting.  As a father of a family of four, I find it difficult to devote time to anything that doesn’t contribute in some way to the family.  Work, maintaining a home, cooking, cleaning, laundry, Dr. appointments, etc. are a challenge to stay ahead of.  Taking on an additional hobby, or area of interest that requires reading, or research often seems impossible. I would love to devote a few hours a day to constructing this little website, but the reality is that I sneak in about an hour a night after getting the kids to bed and before I knock out after a 12hr work day.  I’m not unique in that way, any person or family faces the same reality, so why should you take on learning about a topic as complicated as the UFO phenomenon?

Because its That Important 

The pace of life often takes its toll on the most important things. Yes, the hours spent managing a career and raising a family are well spent, but so is time spent contemplating or examining life’s big questions:   Is there a God? Are we alone in the universe? There are certainly other questions that are worth examining, but if you boil it down these are the two biggies!  We’re unlikely to find the answer to the God question until our time is up in this world. However, we are arguably the first generation to have the answer of extraterrestrial life answered. We are at a time and place in history where evidence, credible, solid evidence is readily available from a huge variety of resources. If you’re wondering “did I miss the announcement”, the answer is no but there will never be an announcement (unless some extraordinary event happens). We, RIGHT NOW know that earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial vehicles (I will save the topics of disclosure and evidence for future posts)!  That’s an amazing revelation with far, far reaching impact.  Thousands of years, and hundreds of generations contemplated this very question and went to their graves without an answer.  We have the answer if we’re willing to dig just a little, and realize what it means.

Examining the Impact

The full impact of extraterrestrials visiting earth cannot be completely measured until it’s accepted as fact by the masses, and the ETs agenda is revealed. There are a few things that will certainly be forever changed. First- technology. Our understanding of physics is likely hundreds or maybe millions of years behind that of the ETs.  There is ample evidence that the US Government has flying saucers in its possession and has been struggling to understand how they work for over 50yrs. While that is speculation, we know for certain that their vehicles are not powered by fossil fuels. Gun camera footage including FLIR ( Forward Looking Infra Red). These videos show little evidence of propulsion, actually there are zero signs of propulsion, and zero lift surfaces (wings). Our most exotic fighter jets require propulsion to create enough speed for air pressure to build under wings and create lift, essentially overcoming, not defeating the effects of gravity.  With our current technology and physics, interstellar travel is virtually impossible. In order to travel 4 light years to the next closest star system you would need a fuel tank the size of earth (I’m guessing, you’ll certainly need a massive amount)…………….that’s not gonna work! Not to mention the fact that we can’t get anywhere near the speed required for interstellar travel.  In case you didn’t know, 4 light years away means that you would need to travel 186,000 miles per second for 4 years to get there!

Say Goodbye to Petroleum Dependence

Assuming the ETs aren’t from our solar system, chances are they’re traveling a minimum of a couple light years to get here. So how do they do it?  We don’t know, but we can speculate, reasonably, about their abilities. No propulsion systems (as we know them) means that they have another way to generate speed. Do they somehow use lasers like Steven Hawkings Breakthrough Starshot initiative intends to use? Have they mastered the power of dark matter? Or can they can warp the fabric of space time and/or can create and traverse worm holes (yes, worm holes are a thing as predicted by Einstein and Rosen). Once they’re in earth atmosphere they can hover with no propulsion and accelerate out of sight instantaneously. There is radar observations from the declassified “Tic Tac” incident of 2004 that captured the Tic Tac shaped craft hovering just above the ocean, then ascending to 80,000 feet as US Fighters approached in less than 2 seconds. We don’t know how that’s done mechanically, let alone doing it without turning the “pilots” to mush. What we do know, although it’s very little,  is that they don’t use fuel. The mere presence of the UFO phenomenon tells us that there is an answer to our fuel problem. That alone should be inspiration for us to find out how they do it. Imagine a world that is free of fossil fuel dependence. Instantaneously our world would be transformed!

Cheap Fast Travel

The biggest barrier facing airlines is fuel cost. Take that off of the table and air travel becomes affordable for everyone. Planes would be faster, fights shorter, our world is immediately made “smaller”.  Cars become more reliable, and safer. The average household spends roughly $9,000 a year on transportation costs with nearly $3,000 a year spent on gasoline alone! How would you like to have that money back in your annual budget?  While that savings is very attractive, think about the environmental impact. No more oil spills! No more harmful emissions going into the atmosphere! Here’s a big one- the Middle East. Proxy wars have been fought for years in the Middle East (currently Syria) with oil being a major driver. Would there finally be peace?  Well, maybe not but it wouldn’t hurt!  That’s reason enough to make the UFO phenomenon worth learning about but there’s way more.

Impact to Belief Systems

Think about our belief systems and organized religion. As a race, we have single child syndrome. We’re the only race in the universe, therefore everything on earth and in the cosmos is MINE!  We’re the smartest, the richest, the nicest, the best looking and we call all the shots. That attitude has caused the near destruction of our environment, fueled wars, and set us back generations. That stops the moment we realize that we’re not alone in the universe and we are primitive in comparison to our ET visitors. Organized religion and individual spirituality would require some serious reflection. Who is the ETs god? What if we find out that THEY created us? Have the ETs been engineering earths species for years, both plant and animals. What would a hugely advanced race be capable of in that area? We dare not clone human beings but the ETs certainly wouldn’t have that barrier.  What if we had an inhabitable planet to place our genetic creations and we could study their evolution? Do you really think we wouldn’t do that if we could? Is that how we got here? Let’s face it, and you may disagree but this is my opinion- It makes zero sense that our gods and saviors vary by culture and geography. If there is a god, shouldn’t there be 1 story? It’s the equivalent of different cultures believing you have different parents. I know who my parents are, if I go to India that doesn’t change, but for some reason our gods do change. What if our creators were different groups of ETs? What if they interacted with different cultures and created different religions in an effort to create permanent turmoil on earth? Maybe we’re in a proxy war worldwide and the main players are warring ET groups? All are possibilities, but there’s only 1 way to find out and that is to understand the ET phenomenon. As an optimistic person, my hope would be that our ET visitors could set the record straight and create one story, one religion, one belief system. Religion has caused the biggest wars and conflicts in history. Imagine that ending. Petroleum wars ended, religious wars ended. Our world would have peace, finally!

Governmental Impact

Government would also change. Actually, governments worldwide, particularly the US would have a lot of explaining to do. If you believe that UFOS crashed in Roswell (I do) that means the government has known about the ET visitors for over 70yrs, and they’ve engaged in a monumental cover up. If you believe everything you read, people’s lives have been ruined and people have been killed (the story of General James Forestall is quite compelling) in order to hide the truth. Government lies and coverups are nothing new, but this situation is extreme. They say there are no secrets in government and for good reason. However, evidence suggests that the UFO coverup has been tremendously successful and used all means necessary. How exactly does a government recover from the disclosure of lies, murders, a 70yr record of disinformation, billions of hidden tax payer black money, and hiding world changing technology being exposed? The public would likely demand change. They would also take a good look at who we put in office because no longer do we just have to worry about our country, and supporting our allies, we now need people capable of navigating relations and threats from civilizations who likely could destroy our world in seconds. For more on government disclosure see https://averageguyufo.com/2018/10/21/disclosure-the-government-had-to-hide-the-truth/


What I’ve just outlined are reasons why the average person needs to be educated on the presence of UFOs. These are conservative, practical items which may or may not work out how I have speculated. As I learn more and more about the topic, it starts to get a little scary. If you’re a beginner in learning the topic it’ll take you a while to get to the scary stuff. However it’s created a sense of urgency in my mind to help educate people. The very first step, if you’re taking my advice and digging into the subject is to find credible resources. Start with researchers who don’t look to sensationalize the topic in order to gain clicks, book and ticket sales. My go to guy right now is Richard Dolan www.rdpress.com. I would also recommend Stanton Friedman, who is now retired but many videos of his tv appearances and lectures are available on YouTube. As an organization MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) www.mufon.com is reputable and has many resources. Right now the biggest organization in terms of impact is To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science www.TTSA.com. They have a collection of some of the most brilliant scientists and government insiders ever to work solely on the UFO phenomenon. They’re creator is Tom DeLonge, yes that Tom DeLonge, former lead man of Blink 182. There are many YouTube videos of Toms interviews and they’re pretty fascinating. He has almost single handedly coerced the government to start letting the truth out.  Averageguyufo.com will also be a resource for credible information so please check back with us frequently as we build it into something special. These resources will get you off to a good start. Be curious, keep an open mind and most importantly draw your own conclusions. This phenomenon will change the world the instant that it becomes accepted in global culture, and it starts with you! Thanks for reading! Your comments and feedback are not only welcome, they essential to the development of this site so please tell us what you think………UFO Dad

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