Ufologists: Choose Wisely

Ufologists: Choose Wisely

When it comes to learning about the UFO phenomenon, it’s critical that you choose ufologists wisely. If you’re visiting my site, chances are you’re either new to the UFO phenomenon (I hope) or a seasoned veteran of the topic. Either way thank you for visiting and I hope tonight’s topic is valuable.  As the old saying goes “there’s one in every crowd”.  Unfortunately when it comes to the field of “ufology” there’s way more than one misleading opportunist (that’s a polite way to put it) who is quite content to spread wild stories, unsubstantiated claims and flat out falsehoods. For more on Ufologists see – https://averageguyufo.com/2018/10/21/steven-greer-briefs-trump-administration-seriously/

Greed Drives Lies

With the recent popularity of shows like Ancient Aliens and publicity through mainstream news organizations, the UFO field has amassed a viable market.  Trade shows like Alien Con, MUFON Conferences, and the like attract large crowds. Books, websites, and speaking engagements represent an opportunity to make some real money if you can attract an audience.  Currently, the more outrageous the claims a person makes, the more people pay attention to them, which translates to book sales, website clicks and speaking engagements. This makes it difficult to choose ufologists wisely. That’s a huge problem for a topic that has struggled to break free of the tinfoil hat stereotypes.  I’m not too concerned about the veteran UFO crowd, but I’m petrified for the new people who are looking to learn more about this topic.

Damaging Rhetoric

Let’s say you’re new to the topic and are seeking information on Google.  The first site you visit is about a person who claims he spent 20 years on Mars as part of a secret space program, so you quickly apply common sense and conclude this is bullshit. The second site you visit is about a guy who claims he’s a reincarnated psychic who’s thinks a massive “cabal” is steering the population to negative energy in order to feed a hostile Alien presence.  Wow, thats a bit much, on to the next! The third site is about a guy who claims to hunt aliens and even beheaded one with a Samurai Sword (but strangely the physical evidence has disappeared…………how unfortunate!). Would you even bother looking any further? Probably not.  While they may sound extreme, those are actual claims by some of the high profile personalities associated with the UFO topic. Not only do they damage the venues that give them airtime or speaking engagements, they do immeasurable damage to the entire topic!  The UFO topic cannot move forward to disclosure without public acceptance. That’s never gonna happen if people’s opinions are formed by the salacious, farcical information pedaled by several self absorbed opportunists.

Reputable Researchers

Researchers who actually have credible information and move the UFO topic forward are much harder to find and benefit far less than the charlatans do.  Sad but true!  If you’ve come to my site in order to gain knowledge here are a few researchers who you can trust to provide accurate information: Richard Dolan (UFO Dad Favorite),  Stanton Friedman (retired but there’s plenty of information available online), David Childress, Alejandro Rojas, Erich Von Daniken (Ancient Aliens), George Knapp, J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, Bud Hopkins (abductions), and Jeremy Corbell, just to name a few.  There are others but these are my go to resources and I would recommend them to anyone looking to gain knowledge on the topic.

In closing, its important to keep an open yet somewhat skeptical mind when looking for UFO resources.  If you come across information thats just too far out there move on.  If the person presenting the information uses the terms me or I every other word, move on!  Last but not least, listen for verifiable facts or corroborating evidence, if there aren’t any MOVE ON!

Thank you for reading todays daily blog entry.  Your comments are very welcome and so are your suggestions for future topics.

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