Why are They Here?

Why are They Here?

I was listening to a YouTube video of my favorite researcher Richard Dolanhttps://richarddolanmembers.com/ today and he made a terrific analogy (as usual, he’s goddam awesome!).  Humans trying to figure out what  extraterrestrials are doing on earth is like dogs trying to figure out what we do when we leave the house everyday!  Hilarious, but I don’t think he was trying to be funny.  It’s like the old saying goes, ya don’t know what ya don’t know.  My 2yr old son could never fathom the simplest things adults do during the course of a day.  How could we be so ignorant as to think we can figure out the agenda of a civilization possibly hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than we are?  So we’re completely unequipped to answer the most important question: Why are they here?

Many Claim to Know

Many claim to know why they’re here. There’s a difference between offering an opinion and proudly announcing that you’ve got it figured out.  There are quite a few researchers who do just that.  How unfortunate!  The prevailing wisdom is that the extraterrestrials are here to save us from ourselves.  One researcher, we’ll call him Dr. Greed,  recently tweeted “The children of Earth  are expected to resolve the problems we have created here. ET civilizations will follow our leadership. Massive, open ET intervention would only happen if we are faced with an Extinction Level Event such as biosphere collapse or global thermonuclear war.”. Oh really?  And how would Dr. Greed know such things?  He must have absolutely bulletproof evidence to make such a bold claim right?  Unfortunately, he can’t reveal his “highly placed” contacts but we should just trust him.  Sorry! Talk is cheap. For more see: https://averageguyufo.com/2018/10/25/ufologists-choose-wisely/

Prove me Wrong 

I’m an average guy with zero highly placed contacts and zero (I think) contact with extraterrestrials. What I’m about to offer is my best guesstimate as to why ETs are here. Guess what?  It’s worth exactly what Dr Greeds hypothesis is……………….ZERO!   Nonetheless, here’s my theory:

Extraterrestrials are here for three reasons.  First, they are keeping an eye on our development in order to ensure we don’t become an unannounced threat to them at some point.  It would suck for them if humans showed up on their doorstep, bringing with us conflict and violence that we’re well known for.  Second, we (meaning earth) have something or something’s they want.  They’re undoubtedly fascinated with humans, as evidenced by the abduction phenomenon.  Third, we are a perfect Petri dish for a variety of experiments.  They can try stuff here, study the impact from afar and apply learnings to other planets or their own. 

Here to Save Us?

Sorry, I don’t believe they’re here to save us.  I don’t think they care about us anymore than we care about the animals we slaughter for food.  They’re indifferent, there’s no emotional attachment, it’s all business.  We fulfill some kind of need which may or may not be mutually beneficial.  I’d love to think we have an extraterrestrial safety net just in case we royally screw up, but it just doesn’t have any evidence in my opinion.  Where were they during the World Wars?  Where were they during plagues, famines, genocides, the holocaust?  Where’s the cure for cancer, AIDS, heart disease? Surely they’re helping us with climate change right?  There’s major extinction events happening right now, they’re helping out right? The answer is no.  

We May Never Know 

Hopefully our visitors will enlighten us with their motives someday.  Until then we’re left scratching our heads and guessing.  Keep in mind that anyone professing to have it all figured out, without substantial evidence, is no closer to the truth than you are.  As always I invite your feedback and look forward to your comments.        UFO Dad

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