Daily Thoughts Blog: What Disturbs Me the Most About Alien Abductions

Daily Thoughts Blog: What Disturbs Me the Most About Alien Abductions

Alien abductions are disturbing, but what disturbs me most is our visitors ability to alter human consciousness. This week my daily blog will be devoted to additional  aspects of the alien abduction phenomenon.  Hopefully, you’ve checked out our latest Required Knowledge article on the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, https://averageguyufo.com/2018/11/11/alien-abduction-is-very-real-and-has-been-scientifically-documented/ but if not, it’ll be there when you get to it!  The challenge of that article was to keep it short but informative. Unfortunately, that meant leaving some things out.  This weeks daily blog posts will fill in those gaps.  

Seeing is not Believing 

There are many disturbing aspects to the alien abduction phenomenon.  Being abducted against your will is terrifying, being abducted by creatures from another world takes it up about 15 notches!  For me the scariest part, that has wide ranging implications is the ETs ability to alter human consciousness.  There are several examples of what I mean from Budd Hopkins research.  In one case a man was abducted with the aid of an American soldier wearing an MP uniform.  As the abductee looked at the soldier he began to wonder if this was all the work of a secret military program and not extraterrestrials.  As he continued to look at the soldier, he morphed from an American soldier to a German soldier wearing a Nazi uniform.  In other cases, abductees report seeing deceased friends or family.  In some cases those deceased loved ones coaxed the abductee to calm down or to board the craft. 

Screen Memories 

Another common aspect of the alien abduction phenomenon is what are known as “screen memories “.  In these scenarios the abductee will have a innocuous memory planted in their consciousness to screen out what actually took place.  Author Mike Clelland’s book The Messengers outlines many such cases involving owls.  The abductee will describe seeing unusually large owls, usually when driving at night or sometimes dreams.  The sight of the owl compels them to pull over and take a look.  Sometimes the abductees will even describe situations where the owls communicate with them.  These memories seem completely normal in the mind of the abductees until something causes them to examine the event further.  Its usually missing time that raises questions as to what exactly happened.  Once the abductee begins telling the story of the screen memory the jig is up.  “Yeah I was driving down the road and I saw this owl.  So I stopped to take a look at it and it looked over the hood at me……….”.  Wait, it looked over the hood at you?  “Yeah and it had big black eyes that really freaked me out”.  How tall would you say it was?  “Ahhh about 5 or 6 feet tall………………..wait……owls aren’t 6 feet tall”!  

More Screen Memories

Screen memories are not confined to owls, although animals are a common theme.  Researcher Budd Hopkins documented many cases of screen memories. Like this one:  a few friends were driving late at night.  Along the way they encountered a terrible car accident, with 3-4 cars involved.  They thought nothing of it at first.  But when they reached their destination, it had taken almost 4hrs to complete an hour drive.  The friends began to question what had taken them so long. They recounted the accident scene they encountered.  It was then that several anomalies became apparent.  First,  all the cars were brightly illuminated, but there were no emergency vehicles.  There were also no people on the scene, just the brightly lit cars.  Last but not least all the cars were red.  Hopkins performed regression with these folks and all of them told very similar alien abduction scenarios from that night. For more about abductions I highly recommend Jeremy Corbells documentary Patient 17 link: https://www.extraordinarybeliefs.com/films/#/patient-seventeen/

If you can’t believe what you see………

There are many cases where alien encounters resulted in altered consciousness. Think about that for a second.  If an ET wants to abduct a child, they can apparently just make them think they’re meeting Mickey Mouse!  Matter of fact there are cases where that exact scenario has been documented.  Anyway, my point is that our “visitors “ have the ability to alter what we see, what we believe, and what we remember.  That is incredibly difficult to understand and accept.  It’s also terrifying, at least to me it is!  That means at any given moment an entity or race of people with an unknown agenda can completely control you with zero chance of you catching on.  I’m not one for sensationalizing the alien phenomenon, and I don’t feel I am because this is the reality.  This is also, in my opinion, why the government hasn’t been forthcoming in their knowledge of the phenomenon.  This post contains some heavy thoughts so let’s end on a positive note…………….Can the ETs set me up with a fantastic memory of dating Sophia Vergara?  If so I’m willing to be abducted at their earliest convenience!     As alway your comments are welcome, thanks for reading.  UFO Dad

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