Confirmation of the UFO Reality

Confirmation of the UFO Reality

There is so much discussion about Disclosure of the UFO/Alien presence, but what about Confirmation of the UFO Reality?  There is a difference between the two. Disclosure (to me) means Disclosure by the US and/or World Governments of all information and evidence related to UFOS.  Confirmation means that the same institutions say “Yeah, the phenomenon is real and here’s some evidence to prove it”.  Well guess what? Confirmation already happened!

The Day The UFO Topic Changed Forever 

The New York Times in conjunction with the Pentagon and To The Stars Academy of Arts And Science released a bombshell article on December 16, 2017.  After years of denials, the US Government admitted that they had been (and continue to) study UFOS.  AND they had gun camera footage to show an example of what they’re studying. WOW!  I remember telling my family “They did it!  Nobody can say UFOS aren’t real after this!  See I’m not crazy!”  This was absolute Confirmation of the UFO Reality!

The Nimitz Encounter

The incident connected to the NYT article was known as the Tic Tac Incident.  Below is a video created by David Beaty that brilliantly brings the full incident to life.  This story was already known in UFO circles, but as with any evidence, its validity was thoroughly in question.  Not anymore!  

Confirmation is Consolation

Confirmation of the UFO Reality is certainly not as good as Disclosure but it is a nice consolation prize. There is so much to this topic, and even more to the governments involvement, that Disclosure may never happen. I feel that it will, but its going to be a long process. For more on Confirmation see this article:

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