Bob Lazar Area 51 and UFOs: Movie Review

Bob Lazar Area 51 and UFOs: Movie Review

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The latest documentary from filmmaker Jeremy Corbell (website: ) hit iTunes and Vimeo on December 4th.  Bob Lazar- Area 51 and UFOs follows the same path as Corbells previous productions.  A visually stunning film about a hugely popular and controversial UFO related subject.  Bob Lazars story has endured almost 30yrs of scrutiny.  Just when you thought this story had no more to give………………think again!

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, log off of my site and go purchase it on iTunes or Vimeo..  From here on there will be spoilers……’ve been warned! 

The Corbell, in the lead up to this movies release, stated that he wanted to uplift the visual component of UFO related films. Mission accomplished!  The movie does not have the look of a low buck documentary, which is solely a credit to Corbells talent. He certainly does not have a huge production behind him complete with assistants, deep pockets, lighting experts and Kraft Services, yet the film is visually stunning (by documentary standards).  Also uplifting the medium is gravel voiced movie star Mickey Roark’s narration. Corbell easily surpasses his peers in the UFO movie world and with this movie (and previous movies) distinguishes himself as a viable documentarian regardless of genre.

Ok Let’s Talk Lazar


Somethings telling me you’re not reading this to learn the finer points about Corbells filmmaking talent! So let’s talk Bob Lazar!   The movie starts with a bombshell.  After 30yrs, the government has not lost interest in Bob Lazar.  As the movie was being filmed Lazar experienced yet another raid.  This time by the FBI and Michigan State Police.  What were they looking for? What did they find? (Here’s your second chance to log off and BUY the movie). Well, they were apparently looking for a receipt. YEAH RIGHT! For more on Bob Lazar check out this

In 1989 Lazar famously described a yet to be discovered element as a the “fuel” of a flying saucers propulsion system.  This element Lazar called Element 115. It wasn’t until 2003 that element 115 was synthesized and officially discovered.  During his UFO revelations of the 1990s Lazar mentioned multiple times that he smuggled a quantity of 115 out of secret labs.   Several raids and 30 years later, the government is still looking for it!  There is a chilling part of the movie where Lazar and Corbell have a chat in the woods which is cleverly obscured, yet in my opinion, leaves the viewer with a clear impression: Lazar still has the 115, and is using it as “insurance”.  The scene also reveals that Lazar and Corbell have an agreement on what circumstances would lead to its release.  If or when that day comes, Lazar will be vindicated and the UFO debate will forever be ended.

Other Elements 

Corbell does a great job of humanizing Lazar.  In the movie and also in the movie Extras we get a glimpse of who Bob Lazar is.  News flash, Bob Lazar is a very normal, down to earth, genuine guy who’s personal and business associates vouch for his integrity.  It’s also stunning how intelligent Bob Lazar is.  His mother tells tales of a young Bob Lazar blowing a hole through the wall of their family apartment while experimenting with his home science kit!  She also described the time that Bob created a jet powered bicycle (Yeah, you read that right).  Lazars wife of 17yrs, Joy, also appears in the movie and provides insights into Bob the man, as well as the impact his story has had on them over the years.  Of course it wouldn’t be a Corbell movie without George Knapp.  Knapp is integral in the Lazar story.  What stands out the most is Knapp’s trust and belief that Lazar is telling the truth. George Knapp is not some tabloid gossip reporter who relies on rumors and half truths to get ratings. Knapp is a multi time Emmy and Peabody Award winner.  If he had information to expose Lazar he absolutely would because he is a man of integrity and believes in the long held traditions of good journalism.  He doesn’t rush a story, he vets the information, finds corroboration, protects his sources and THEN goes forward with the story.  Knapp has ONLY found evidence that reinforces Lazars story, including FOUR successful lied detector tests!  A single lie detector test is measured to be 90% accurate.  Passing four without a single lie detected? Sorry, I don’t think a con man liar is capable of pulling off such a feat.  I also don’t think anyone can question George Knapp’s integrity, and to call Lazar a liar is to also call George Knapp a liar………………better pack a lunch if you intend to do so!


If you have an interest in the UFO topic buy the movie.  If you don’t, you should and you really need to see this movie!  Why?  If true, and I believe it is, Lazars story proves extraterrestrials are visiting earth. It also proves the government has their crafts, and has put massive efforts into understanding the technology. It would also prove the tremendous effort to hide it.  All of those impacts are tremendously volatile.  But none are more volatile than the very thing Lazar claims to have studied………..the ET technology and propulsion systems.  He didn’t discover a gas tank or solid rockets in the saucers!  But he did find Element 115, which  doesn’t occur in our galactic neighborhood (I just heard a collective sigh of relief from oil executives). Those topics aside, the movie is really about Bob Lazar, and his life before, during and after his coming forward to tell his story.  It’s also about the viewer weighing the evidence and forming an opinion. I have made my opinion known already. I totally believe Lazar.  Here’s why:  1. His story makes sense. 2. It is clear and corroborated that there were efforts to silence Lazar through intimidation. 3. He HAS NOT benefited from his revelations, but he HAS paid dearly. 4. It is PROVEN that he worked at Los Alamos as a scientist which in my opinion proves he had an educational pedigree. 4. S4 was never made public yet Lazar knew about it and Knapp got confirmation of its existence.  5. Knapp put Lazar through 4 lie detector tests which he passed. 6. Thirty years later his story has not been added to, enhanced, or changed. 7. Element 115 8. George Knapp believes him.  9. He knew the test flight schedule. 10. I have a great bullshit detector and Lazar doesn’t ring the bell


My final conclusion is that Lazar can only be viewed as a tragic figure.  He has been harassed, stalked by the government, called a liar, a thief, a nut, and through it all remained rock solid.  He somehow pushes all the scrutiny and criticisms aside and lives a successful life.  I also believe he absolutely has the ability to prove his story but doesn’t because too much of the story would result in a negative impact to the country.  So he bravely weathers the storm and remains satisfied in the knowledge that HE IS TELLING THE TRUTH AND THE REST DOESNT MATTER!  I have tremendous respect for Bob Lazar.  I highly recommend that you purchase the movie, weigh the evidence and form your own opinion.  When you do, leave a comment , or send me a message through Twitter, Facebook or by email As always thank you for reading UFO Dad.

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