2018- The Year of Confirmation

2018- The Year of Confirmation

2018 will be remembered as The Year of Confirmation.  At no other point in my lifetime has the UFO topic been covered as frequently or seriously as this past year.  There’s been a shift.  A huge shift!  Fading away are the tongue and cheek fluff pieces  that paint witnesses as weirdos.  Becoming more prominent are serious stories from respected sources that ask big questions.  What caused the shift?  Where are we headed?

To the Stars

The first shot fired in the Year of Confirmation was actually born right at the end of 2017.  December 16, 2017 will be a day long remembered as the day the conversation changed.  For over a year previous, former Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge had been posting tantalizing clues that he was working on something big related to UFO Disclosure.  DeLonge stated that he was on the “inside” with highly placed military and government sources.  He was laughed at. Ridiculed, and dismissed. Then in the lead up to the 2016 election Hillary Clinton’s emails were hacked and made public.  Among them were emails between DeLonge and Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.  The outcome was unmistakable, DeLonge wasn’t telling tall tales, he WAS on the inside!  On October 11, 2017 the fruits of DeLonges labor were revealed with the announcement of To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science .  Known as TTSA, the organizations stated goals included lifting the veil of UFO secrecy.  Not since the Rockefeller Intitiave of the 1990s has there been a powerful organization pushing for UFO Disclosure.  DeLonges new company was/is stacked with former military officials, leading scientists, and entertainers/writers.  They seemed poised for tremendous success, but could they actually deliver?

Glowing Auras and Black Money: The Pentagons Mysterious UFO Program

On December 16, 2017 we got the answer.  The New York Times released an article called Glowing Auras and Black Money: Inside the Pentagons Mysterious UFO Program.  After over 30yrs of denials, the world found out that the US Government WAS interested in UFOS.  And, they had a secret program at the Pentagon to study the phenomenon.  Adding to the intrigue was a video released as part of the NYT article. The video was captured by an F18 Super Hornet and showed an object defying our understanding of physics, a genuine UFO.  Click here for the video.  The New York Times listed The Department of Defense and To the Stars Academy as the sources of the video.  DeLonge and his new company had delivered big time!  Adding to the impact of the video was a complete analysis provided by TTSA.  Based on the facts provided, this was no bird, balloon, or swamp gas, nor was it Venus.  This was a genuine UFO that displayed flight ability that defies our understanding of flight and physics.  While the video continues to be debated by skeptics, it was a mic drop moment that restarted the UFO conversation.  The Year of Confirmation was taking shape.

More Was on the Way

The first video became known as the Gimbal video.  It was followed in subsequent months by the Nimitz “Tic Tac” Video and the “Go Fast” Video.  Each followed the same pattern.  An anomalous object easily out maneuvering our most sophisticated fighters. While highly trained pilots struggle to make sense of what they were seeing.  Theses videos amounted to confirmation of the phenomenon and changed the conversation from “are UFOS real” to “UFOS ARE real”.  While confirmation falls short of Disclosure, it’s still groundbreaking.

Introducing Lue Elizondo

The Year of Confirmation required a guide.  Fortunately TTSA was prepared with the right guy for the job. Luis Elizondo is not a UFO sycophant, he’s a government insider. He is a career intelligence officer whose experience includes working with the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, the National Counterintelligence Executive, and the Director of National Intelligence. As a former Special Agent In-Charge, Luis conducted and supervised highly sensitive espionage and terrorism investigations around the world. As an intelligence Case Officer, he ran clandestine source operations throughout Latin America and the Middle East. Most recently, Luis managed the security for certain sensitive portfolios for the US Government as the Director for the National Programs Special Management Staff. Before leaving the Government, Lue ran the Pentagons UFO program known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).  He ultimately left the government due to how the phenomenon was being treated inside the Pentagon.  It was recently revealed that people inside the government were against investigations related to UFOS because they believed them to be satanic.  They believed that continuing to investigate may lead to an increased presence of satan in or world. (Yes, this is 100% fact)

UFOs a Threat?

Elizondo and TTSA had a new strategy in changing the UFO narrative.  As a military man Elizondo viewed the UFO phenomenon quite differently than his peers in the UFO world. He sees them as a “potential” threat, and I stress the word “potential”.  He also used that assessment as partial reasoning for why the topic has been kept above top secret.  Here’s Elizondo’s analogy (not an exact quote):  “picture a typical family.  The parents top priority is keeping the family safe.  So they buy the best locks. The best security system.  They arm the security system every night, and they lock all the doors.  But when they get up in the morning there’s footprints throughout the house.  Nothing is taken, nothing disturbed, but clearly someone defeated their best efforts at security and entered the house.  The parents feel powerless in defending the family from this intruder. So, I f you’re the parent would you tell the kids?”.  The government and military are charged with keeping the country safe.  Admitting that there are crafts penetrating our airspace with impunity, and easily out maneuvering our best technology is not an easy pill to swallow.  Nor is it a message that US citizens are going to feel warm and fuzzy about.  It becomes a forbidden topic.  Elizondo’s strategy (if it was actually a strategy, I tend to think this is his actual opinion of the topic) worked well and garnered lots of press.  The Year of Confirmation brought brand new talking points that kept the UFO topic relevant.


What TTSA and Elizondo did over the past year is attract “good” media coverage.  Every major media outlet covered the NYT article.  Some continue to regularly cover the story, including ultra conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson.  The deep questions are being asked: what are these crafts?  What is their agenda?  Are they a threat? When new sightings or UFO related stories break, they’re now treated like any other news.  In addition, there are indications that the topic is being discussed behind closed doors in Washington. Also see Trump and Disclosure  Recently Elizondo gave an Interview.  to George Knapp of KLAS in Las Vegas.  He reflected on the success of the past year and hinted about what’s coming in 2019.  Based on my research throughout the past year I believe that we will see more data from TTSA in the first quarter of 2019.   One missing piece- indisputable physical evidence.  TTSA recently started The A.D.A.M Research Project  to analyze samples collected during UFO sightings.  If you watched the recent KLAS interview linked above, it appears that some sample may be quite interesting.  Another area that appears promising is additional data/investigations by the government.  If the government takes a more public posture, or the ADAM project produces results, it will elevate the conversation to a point of no return.  Meaning that the UFO cat is out of the bag, and it will not be dismissed, hidden, minimized, ridiculed or buried any longer.  The Year of Confirmation was exciting, will 2019 be the Year of Disclosure?  Stay Tuned!   As always your feedback is very welcome.  Please leave a comment or catch us on Facebook or Twitter.  UFO Dad

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