Best Evidence- The Shuttle STS-48 Video

Best Evidence- The Shuttle STS-48 Video

Welcome to the second installment of our new Best Evidence Series. If you missed the first installment here it is:  This time Best Evidence looks at the Space Shuttle STS-48 UFO Video from 1991.

STS-48 The Mission

STS-48 was a Space Shuttle mission that launched on 12 September 1991, from Kennedy Space Center, Florida. The orbiter was Space ShuttleDiscovery. The primary payload was the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite. The mission was completed in 81 revolutions of the Earth and traveled 2.2 million miles. The 5 astronauts carried out a number of experiments and deployed several satellites. STS-48 was the second post-Challenger mission to have Kennedy Space Center as the planned End-Of-Mission landing site, and the first mission to have a planned night landing at KSC. However, due to weather conditions at KSC in Florida, Discovery flew one extra orbit and landed at Edwards Air Force Base, California, at 3:38 a.m. EDT on 18 September 1991. Source: Wikipedia

Video Evidence of a UFO

On September 15, 1991 Discovery captured some of the best UFO evidence to date. While in orbit, objects can be seen moving above Earths atmosphere. Some objects appear to be floating, but one is moving at a steady speed and direction. Suddenly, a flash of light can be seen. The object immediately reverses direction. As it accelerates away from the flash, a projectile can be seen exiting Earths atmosphere and disappearing into the blackness of space. Here’s the video:

STS-48 UFO Video Courtesy of Dark Secret TV via YouTube

Ok What did We Just See?

As you can see the evidence is very compelling. There are many objects in the video but there are 2 that I find keenly compelling. At roughly 16 seconds a bright object appears traveling from right to left. As it reaches the midway point of the frame a bright flash is seen and the object immediately reverses direction. A projectile is seen quickly emerging from Earth’s atmosphere. The projectile appears to fly exactly through what would have been the first objects path. The projectile is going straight up or vertically into space. Meanwhile the first object darts off horizontally. While we don’t know what the objects are, we certainly know what they are not. They are not satellites, space junk, comets, asteroids, or the space station (MIR was in orbit at the time, it launched in 1986). The sudden change in direction and speed immediately disqualifies earthly technology. We simply do not have technology to immediately reverse direction. The projectile however, “could” be earthly. If so, that raises even more questions. Where was it launched from? What was its target? Why? Unfortunately we don’t have any answers.

NASA’s Explanation

Ice particles forming on objects in orbit is a normal event during space travel. Those particles can become detached from the vehicle and appear to be UFOs. As the particles float through space they refract light from the sun and/or the lights of the vehicle. This effect makes them appear to be glowing and they often are visible on video. NASA contends that we’re seeing is ice particles. The flash of light is explained by thrusters being fired, and the sudden change of direction is due to the thruster exhaust propelling the objects. Hmmmm…..

UFO Dad Analysis

NASA certainly knows their business, and knows more about space travel than any organization on earth. NASA also has a bit of a credibility issue when it comes to UFO’s. I’ve frequently seen anomalous objects appear on the live ISS feed, and the video is immediately taken down. During the historic Apollo 11 Mission Neil Armstrong is heard describing UFOs (“bogey’s”). NASA quickly had Armstrong switch to the medical channel which was secure and not heard by anyone but NASA. No further explanation was given. The STS 48 video is another example of NASA misleading the world (in my opinion). I believe that there may be some ice particles in this video. The object in question does not move the same as the rest of the glowing objects. Its path is very direct and steady whereas the rest appear to be lazily floating. If thrusters are to blame for the sudden change in direction why don’t the other objects react the same way? They continue to float while the object in question accelerates almost instantly out of frame. The flash of light could easily be explained by the thrusters being fired, but what about the projectile? If its due to thrusters why is the projectile traveling perpendicular to the object? Wouldn’t they both travel in the same direction? I’m not buying the NASA explanation. I believe the object is a genuine UFO. The biggest question I have is who or what is shooting at it? Clearly there is a missile being shot at a UFO in this video. It would appear to be fired from space or the upper atmosphere. If the missile was fired from earth there would be no flash, and it would take several minutes to reach space. So when analyzed this video leads to more questions. One thing that I know for sure is that this video is some of the Best Evidence of the UFO Phenomenon ever caught on tape!

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